Dallas Texas – Found an abandoned Quaker Parrot by dumpster. Cannot keep it.?

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I found a green parrot by my apartment dumpster. He was abandoned in a filthy cage. He looks like a Quaker. Seems to be healthy & friendly. My landlord gave me permission to keep him/her on my balcony only temporarily, but my building does not allow pets. I know nothing about birds. I don’t know what to do with it. I can’t seem to find a rescue group or anything. Nobody I know will take it. I live in Dallas Ft. Worth area. Can anyone offer any suggestions.
The weather is warm here in Texas… even at night. She’s ok on the patio. It has a tall locked privacy fence too. I went to Pet Smart tpday & got some parrot food. I’m going to call around to a few vets & egroups. I’ll keep you all updated. Thanks for the advice.
“DuckRescue”, I’m going to email your friend & see how it goes.

Also, you can email ME at kids_kreations@yahoo.com. Apparently this parrot is a she, because it layed an egg. I moved her from the 2nd floor balcony to my lower level patio where there’s less wind. She seems comfortable. I’m sure if there’s anything special you’re supposed to do when a bird lays an egg.
Ok guys… I’ve read that the egg won’t hatch unless there’s a mate to fertilize it, right? Does anyone know for sure? Oh my gosh, this has been an experience. I’ve never rescued a bird before. Much less one that starts laying eggs.
Good news. I found a local lady who rescues birds. She wants to adopt the parrot. Her daughter is a veterinarian. We’ve talked & made arrangements. She seems to be a perfect fit for the quaker. She’s coming to pick her up on Thursday & will be bringing a new cage. :)

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12 Responses to “Dallas Texas – Found an abandoned Quaker Parrot by dumpster. Cannot keep it.?”

  1. keli3351

    Call around to local pet shops that sell birds – they usually know people who would love to adopt. Also, look in the paper for people want to buy or sell parrots. They may know someone who will take the bird. What a shame that people just throw animals away like trash. You are to be commended!

  2. C'est Moi

    This site has links to at least two groups that do bird rescue. .. And two of them are No Kill. Please contact them.
    And, thanks for taking care of the parrot.

  3. Threase

    For one you need to get it inside two there are bird groups on the computer you could give him to some one there.Make sure he has food and water for the little guy.Put a ad up tonight I am sure someone will get him.If I didnt live so far away i would take him…………….I am glad you found such a great home for the poor bird and even vet care in the new home.
    ^ ^

  4. Kayty

    Contact the animal shelter or humane society. Either they will take the bird or they will know who will.

  5. Karen W

    Call local vets and pet stores (maybe a zoo?) and see if they know of anyone who does tropical bird rescue.
    Try this organization; they are in NC but perhaps they will know of someone in your area who can take him in.


  6. Prodigy556

    Call a local vet and see if they have a number you can call. Bigger animal hospitals sometimes know people who have birds and are willing to take more in. My vet calls me when they have rats and ferrets. The animal hospital may tak eit as well.

    You could also try a shelter, they may take it for awhile.

  7. Sandy W

    Ashley, the bird could have some cooked rice, fresh chopped veggies or fruit. Just no chocolate, caffeine, or sugar. Give him some fresh water, bottled if you have it. Can you put a cover over the cage for tonight? Perhaps something to protect him from the chill of the air?

    Where are you in the Dallas area?

    I can’t imagine someone dumping that bird like that.

  8. duckrescuer

    Try the parrot 911 list. Maybe they can help you located someone to take the bird. That was very nice of you to take him in. I hope the loser that left him there gets abondoned in a dumpster someday.


    added – I have a friend that lives near you she works with a person that rescuers quakers in Dallas. If you want to contact me via my profile I can put you in contact with them. If this allows emails to come through you can email her directly at chikkchikk@gmail.com

  9. Ellen S

    thank you for taking care of this poor little quaker.
    first what you need to do is contact http://www.911parrotalert.com
    which is a lost and found parrot group.
    second get the bird some calcium due to the egg laying.
    cuttle bones, egg shells and put him on a good diet.
    third contact beaks and wings located near dallas.
    beakswings@yahoo.com. john is an avian rescue and will be able to assist you OK?
    do not bring to a pet shop or to a breeder, as this can turn out to be a problem for the bird.

  10. BrnEyz99

    Best bet is to either contact the vets in the area or go to http://www.petfinder.com Go to the leftside and look at how you can select an animal. Click on bird and then scroll down and put in TX, under that click on the drop box and select regional. It’s the closest to way to find a rescue in your area. If you’re not successfull, answer or contact me back and I’ll search for you and see if I find something. I’ll check back here later tonight and do some searching for you…right now I have to run some errands…. :-)

  11. ddcrazybirds

    I live in the DFW area too, and have 3 parrots. Poor little thing!:( If there was a male with her (and they bred), the eggs might be fertile. If I could afford it, I would give her a home….. Call Southlake Animal Hospital (in Southlake, TX). They see parrots. Summertree Animal Clinic in Dallas also sees parrots. Southlake Animal Clinic takes in unwanted animals and wildlife all them time. Good luck!

  12. Smartman455

    call your pet store and they can find homes or give it to me..lol

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