How can I get my quaker parrot back?

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Last year around august I moved away and I had to leave my parrot at my aunt’s house. About two weeks after I left my aunt left my parrot’s cage open and she flew away. Now I came back for vacation and Me and my aunt see and here a parrot just like her. I kinda see her but shes too far away for me to really tell that it’s her. I can I make her come back to me? I really want her back. She was my first and only pet. I got her when I was seven and noe im almost fifteen. She’s been with me about 7 years and I want her back. Please give me suggestions Im really desperate!!!!!! I miss her. 10 points!!!!

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  1. meshel

    Fruits & Veggies

  2. sassygrrll7

    my friend gives her parrot strawberries

  3. poohluvs8_9_20_29

    Parrots LOVE carrots, lettuce, grapes…you get the jest. Also, make sure you get ‘parrot seed’. Also, make sure you get ‘bird grit’. It is sort of like sand that birds has to eat to help digest the food. Ask a pet store on what other things you should feed your bird.

  4. ac : )

    What sort of parrot is it? different parots have different immunities never feed them avacado or dried beans or uncooked rice or uncooked pasta or cheeses no birds can have cheese it is deadly to them in large amounts just go to and type in for example what types of food i can feed to a Blank parrot blank is where you put the breed of your parrot NEVER FEED THHEM GRAVEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they can not digest the rocks and DO NOT need them to help digest food this is the equivalent of a dog eating a golf ball…. WHATB DO U THINKK IS GONNA HAPPEN? it will get stuck sumwhere in an intestine and your bird will die!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. bessie V.

    My bird is crazy about chicken chips. I’m pretty sure its really bad for him. His favoutire flavour is chicken but he loves salt and vinegar and cheese flavour as well!

    Also for fruit strawberries are healthy for them and so is lettuce, chickweed, watercress, apple etc.

    You should try asking at your local pet store often they have specialty dried fruits available and they’ll have the right ones for your breed of bird.

  6. Celine

    Vegetables like lettuce, carrots, celeries, etc. Fruits can be strawberries, apples, etc. Just don’t give it avacados, it’ll make your parrot sick. Millet sprays, cuttle fish bone, cheerios, nuts, parrot food, seeds, all of those are good choices. Just remember NOT to give your parrot too much seeds, since they are fatty food for your bird.

    EDIT> I agree with AC, NEVER give any type of bird GRAVEL!

  7. kim

    Fresh is best!…what kind of parrot is it? That can depend on how much of certain types of fruit & veg you should give them.

    Star fruit (seeded)
    Any berry in season
    Capsicums, all colours
    Snow peas or snap peas
    Pumpkin & seeds (Japanese & butternut are the sweeter ones)
    Grated carrot
    Pears (different colours & varieties)
    Plums, apricot, peaches when in season
    Rind of lime, lemon or orange OR squirt of these juices.
    Bok choy, red lettuces
    Persimmons fruit
    Silver beet, spinach
    Watermelon, no seeds
    Nashi pear
    Grapes (sparingly)
    Any nut except peanuts crushed
    Ground nutmeg
    Celery (sparingly)
    Sesame seeds
    Paw paw & seeds
    Kiwi fruit
    Ice burg lettuce is not healthy. It has no nutritional value & all water so it makes you birds poo sloppy. Asian greens & red lettuces are better.

    And as annoying as ‘by ac : )’ is starting to become with her postings!!!! she is right. Your parrot doesn’t need grit. This message also doesn’t need to repeated continually in this forum, it’s annoying & should be left for people who have questions.

  8. Chiappone

    A parrot can eat pretty much anything. There are things to avoid like avocados, chocolate, caffine. But things like fresh Veggies (Carrots, sweet potatos, dark leafy greens, green beans, peppers, cauliflower, brocoli, eggplant, lettuce, corn, etc), fresh fruits (apples, pears, various melons, cranberries, mango, papaya, bananas, apricots, pineapple, etc), and various grains (oats, cooked brown rice, cooked pastas, wheat, barley) some birds like small amounts of lean well cooked meats, and cooked eggs as well. There are also premade pellet diets for birds which are usually more nutritious than a plain seed diet. A seed only diet is usually compared to a person eating nothing but fast food and candy it’s whole life, lots of variety is key to a healthy bird.

  9. ocomofanatic

    Hi Nina,
    First off let me say that a diet comprised mainly of seed is the worst thing you can do for your new parrot as it is very high in fat content and very low in all the vitamins and minerals that birds need. Many birds will only pick out and eat the preferred seed, usually sunflower, and refuse to eat anything else. Parrots can eat just about everything people eat except coffee, alcohol, chocolate, onions, and avocados. These are poisonous to birds. Red meat and milk is also not good for your bird either, although you can feed her small amounts of cheese and yogurt since there is no lactose in them. If your bird is on an all seed diet, I would recommend slowly changing her over to a good quality pellet diet, I use Zupreem all though there are many other good ones. I supplement all my birds with 12 grain breads, fresh fruits (apples, grapes, bananas, oranges, melons, kiwi, etc), vegetables (corn, peas, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, squash, etc), whole grain rice, pasta, birdie bread, etc. rotated on a daily basis. If you offer her apple slices, make sure there are NO seeds as apple seeds are very toxic to birds. Most birds also like squash and pumpkin seeds along with dried hot peppers. Depending on the species of bird, some birds will need more fruits than vegetables – some of these are the Eclectus and Hawk Headed parrot.
    Please be aware that your new bird will probably not eat the pellets and people food that you give it right away. Birds are creatures of habit and are very wary of new things. I put in a few pellets with the seed and as mine learn to eat the pellets, slowly increase the amount of pellets and decrease the seed over time. The best ways I can suggest for you to get her to try other new things is to eat these things in front of her. Another thing you can try is making toys out of the new foods – for example, take broccoli florets and tie them to the top of the cage, or wedging different things in the cage bars. If your bird doesn’t like cooked carrots, offer them raw. Try both raw and cooked when offering the veggies to find out which way she likes them best. Your bird may or may not accept these new foods but offer her somehting new every day and eventually she will try the new foods. It just takes patience and persistence.
    Also remember that fresh and cooked foods spoil quickly and should only be offered for 2 to 3 hours and then removed.
    You can web search birdie breads to find several sites that have various recipes for different treats. I like to take a box of corn muffin mix and start tossing in all sorts of fruits and veggies and other things and then blend it all up and bake. You can actually use the egg shell and all as the egg shell adds extra calcium to the diet. Just make sure the egg shell pieces are tiny.
    I hope this helps and good luck with your new bird.

  10. ashliiapathy

    It can eat pretty much anything you eat. Here is a site that has birdie recipes of food that you can cook for your bird.

    I love that site. Everything there is healthy and good for your bird.

  11. Mary P

    I don’t know whether she will remember you, but try leaving her cage outside with her favorite treats. If your Aunt has an outdoor sitting area, deck or patio, sit outside and talk to the bird, even if she can’t see you. She may be very shy, and afraid to come out of her tree. After saying that, I don’t want you to be too disappointed if you find out that it is not your bird. It is unlikely that she is still alive.

  12. Lizz-E

    I’m very sorry about your lost friend! Whether she remember you or not, there are ways to get her back. Just remember to not give up!

    Here’s a good link from a wonderful site:

    I hope I could help, good luck!

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