How can i teach my parrot not to poop on my carpet?

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I have a quaker parrot and I let him out of his cage all day. He usually stays on the perches above his cage but every once in a while he flies to the ground or the couch and walks around and poops. I dont mind him on the carpet or the couch he is usually just chillin… i just dont want him to poop.

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7 Responses to “How can i teach my parrot not to poop on my carpet?”

  1. sweetypie_617

    I don’t think you can “potty train” a bird. I guess that’s why they should stay in their cage for the most part and only be out when you can watch them.

  2. true blue

    When you have him out of the cage, watch him carefully. Sometimes they wiggle when they have to go, or they kind of squat and lean forward. If you can catch him before he poops, bring him quickly to his cage and let him poop there. Once he does, praise him and reward him. Make a big thing of it. If you do this a few times, he will get the idea. Parrots are really smart. Good luck.

  3. An Opinionated One

    This is not a dog, it’s a bird.

    These birds are scatterers… The will eat fruit and spread the seed. It’s part of their function.

    I suggest you get a plastic cover for the floor, you can just wipe it off.

  4. SoonerChic07

    All birds poop!!! If its just everyonce in a while then it should be okay…why do you have a parrot, and why do you let him out if you dont want him to poop? You can check out the below website tho.. for more info.

  5. Scott S

    I answered a similar question a few days back. This is should help you. I modified the answer a bit.

    First you need to watch your bird and learn the signs that he is getting ready to poop. Decide on a verbal command to use when you want him to poop, but be careful about the word/phrase, he will probably add it to him vocabulary. Once you figure this out, wait until he is getting ready to poop and say the command (I use “dirty bird”). After he poops praise him and give him a treat to enforce good behavior. You must be consistent in doing this.

    Once he learns to command the rest is pretty easy. Before you take him out, tell him to poop, wait till he complies then take him out and praise him.

    You should realize as well, little birds like quakers have fast digestive systems. If he is going to be out of his cage for any length of time, occasionally bring him over to a piece of paper near where he hangs out and give the poop command. This is where recognizing the pre-poop signs comes in handy.

    Be patient and consistent and eventually he will learn. Also remember mistakes will happen. If he gets startled, he will probably poop where ever he is. Don’t punish him, but let him know that you are not pleased with him

  6. jd

    I had my cockatoo potty trained before I brought her home. When she went potty, I praised her and told her what a good girl she was to go potty. Then before I would take her out of her cage I would tell her to go potty. She has only had a couple of mistakes in the 5 years that I have had her. Just be patient and Good Luck!

  7. Jordan S

    You cant teach em not to. They sometimes dont even know there pooping, however go on Foster and Smith and go to the bird section. They have some parrot diapers.

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