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This is Baby, his friend Piggy are very timid and rarely comes up to their “outside porch”. These guys were left on our back porch with an envelope and a small box of parakeet food. a bill was left with them, along with a note stating their names and how to tell them apart. we think they came from somebody within the 12-step fellowship we go to. so we have NO idea of their history, age, etc. They are mad fierce protective of each other, and when ALbert comes over to their cage, they bite at his ‘feets’. I will make time and set up stuff to get a nice long video of both of them. but as you see in this video, they are “robust” as regards, their privacy. please enjoy josef
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8 Responses to “Rescued Quaker Parrots”

  1. TravellerFellow

    I will put up two videos soon. One will be the whole story of the “Okie-Dokie Boys”. Two will be the Girl Quakers and their story. Plus the two cats and their rescue story. Last one Peaches Neue Haus.

  2. Versibus

    Thank you for uploading your other-birds-video!
    I like the little birds. During my childhood I had several times a budgie.
    5 stars

  3. TravellerFellow

    “Okie-Dokie” !! ha ha

  4. TravellerFellow

    i’m working on setting up the camera on a tripod so i can shoot both of them while siting. open up the main front door, etc.

  5. TravellerFellow

    thank you!

  6. birdlady423

    Hello Baby! You are a very pretty bird. We will be waiting for your okie dokie video!
    Linda & Mr. G.

  7. mdragon180

    Aww – she’s very pretty. Looks alot like my lovebird Bruiser (except for the color) who I got from someone else. He loves attention – but will not let me touch him – then he will try to bite like Baby. I’ve been working with him to stop the biting – but so far no good. But – I love him anyways – he does love to dance & sing. Great vid. 5*s for Baby! :-)

  8. wildlifeguardian

    Well, hello, Baby! It’s so nice to meet you, too, finally! :>)

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