Should I get a cockatiel or a quaker parrot?

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Both seem like such wonderful birds. I understand that cockatiel can have night frights and that quaker parrots can be cage territorial. I like the fact that quaker parrots talk more, but how much do they talk, like can you make out the words easily? Cockatiels can talk also but they whistle more than talk. I want a bird that’s quite affectionate and talks(whistles or talks). What are the pros’s and cons of each? Which would you recommend, and why? Which do you think will make a better companion?

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15 Responses to “Should I get a cockatiel or a quaker parrot?”

  1. LINK5

    i have i quz where i can teach it in side the cage or out side ?

  2. Ga6waTxFreej

    where to buy a clicker online ?

  3. heather815855

    i think its an alexanderine

  4. THEjuggaloMCL

    no its a cherry headed conure (i think)

  5. kimberlool

    lolz i have a parakiet

  6. lmdbj


  7. Clumsical of the !MC! Squad

    I don’t know how well quakers talk, but I know that cockatiels can talk pretty well. Cockatiels can also be territorial of their cage, and can also be very affectionate. I don’t know if female quakers talk, but female cockatiels don’t. I can’t really compare since I’ve never had a quaker, but I would recommend a cockatiel. They are VERY sweet and are easier to care for as well.

  8. Maddisyn

    Personally, I would go for a cockatiel. They do talk alot if trained to do so. I have two cockatiels right now and I love the species. They are easily tameable and they are great companion birds. Yes they do have night terrors but those are easily stopped by putting a night light by the cage at night. They are messy but that is tolerable if you really love the bird. They are good sized birds and can be trained to talk, sing certain theme songs, (I had one that could sing pop goes the weasel and another that could sing the Andy Griffith theme song. Good luck with your new bird!

  9. leash

    i have 2 cockatils and love them, i had the female the longest, no talking but they whistle songs and the “good looking whistle”. my female will sit on my hand or shoulder and let….well, begs me to pet her on the back of the neck. she loves to kiss me on the lips, but sometimes nibbles on my lips, but doesn’t hurt. sounds silly, but when i take a shower she loves to stand on the shower rail and even on my finger in the shower and i splash her with water. where ever i go, there she is. as far as night freights, as long as i have the cage covered at night, i haven’t had a problem, with it uncovered they see shadows or my cats and will start to flap around n wake me up. i have had cockatiels for 5yrs now. i dont know anything about the quaker parrot. the cockatiel also makes me smile with his head twists and dances he does. my male is still shy n only lets my husband touch him, and when my female lays eggs, i just pick them up n throw them away. the only con i can think of is when they get loud when they want attention, but if you cover the cage they usually quiet down

  10. Harley

    If you have time, money and are willing to put in effort (teaching the bird):
    If you are loving and just want a bird who can talk and cuddle etc.
    gud luk with ur new pet :)

  11. Ford Prefect

    I had both. sadly my quaker died a couple years ago…..she was super smart but a real handful. She was moody at times and might attack me, but she also defended me from strangers. She could be very affectionate at times too

    cockatiels are not as smart but they are interesting if you spend the time to nuture affection. mine greets me when I get home and really does want to interact. very sweet bird…..

    but with the quaker is was like a person sometimes

  12. youthpastor1955

    If you have never had an exotic bird before, a Cockatiel is a better starter bird. I would go that way.

  13. gizmor

    All of the answers you have gotten so far are good ones. But they failed to tell you one ofthe main things you need to know. Which ever bird you do decide to get dont go to just any place to get it. Find you a good breeder who has hand raised the birds themselves. Parent raised birds are less likely to respond to you. I have hand raised both Quakers and Cockatiels and turned out more friendly birds.Quakers have a tendency to love only one person. Male Cockatiels are both more talkative and friendly

  14. Debra D

    I have both and they both have there sweet side.
    Cocktails..are more so quite. mine loves to snuggle and be petted.Loves loves to whistle and he can get a little aggressive when he does not want to be bothered they also in general like everyone in the household and their bite not so bad
    Quakers..are fun and can be loud at times.When they want attention..they are very demanding for it..but, they are soooooo loving with their person. Mostly they do love love only one person but will tolerate all in the house hold. They are loyal and smart ..they can unlock their cages..Mimic words very easy..mine says more than 25 words just by listening to his surrounds and sometimes sounds like me..
    I love them both but adore my Quaker.

  15. Emmet B

    I Have a choice of what bird I could get for my little brother:Qauker or Cockateil. Which is better for kids ages:8-10?

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