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Wild Quaker Parrots nest in Chicago IL. These Parrots are amazing to watch! I saw close to 75 Parrots in the parking lot where I work. I first seen only 3 and thought there where lost pets, the very next day there where up to 75. I soon found a nest where up to 25 adults nest in one nest. These are the kind you find in cages! I have done a lot of research on them since I first learned they where wild in Chicago. They are originally from South America where they are called monk parakeets. In 1967 a crake full where being flown into the JFK airport to be sold in pet stores. Some how the crate broke open and all the birds escaped. They are now in 14 states in the USA and Illinois is one of the 14 states. They are also in Alabama, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Texas, and Virginia. They usually nest in electrical poles and the nest can weigh as much as 200 pounds and up to 40 adult birds will share the same nest. Their nest has to be taken down in some areas by ComEd so they will not set the electrical pole on fire. They try and hand feed what ever babies are in the nest. They are very smart birds and one of the easiest Parrots to teach to talk. There live from 25 to 30 years! Regardless of the fact that these birds originate from the tropical climate of South America, they are known to be quite adaptable to even our cold climate.

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3 Responses to “Wild Quaker Parrots in Illinois.avi”

  1. imcuban2

    Yes these guys infest every pole and tree and bridge there is millions of them here and has been since the 70′s

  2. 217cmiller

    in Cicago??? I ad no idea there were wild parrots in chicago… they aren’t from here normally are they?

  3. Sylfon1

    amazing !!! where is it???

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