foods that quaker parrots cant eat?

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  1. Sapphyre

    Quakers are very intelligent birds and when it comes to new toys, foods, etc they are always careful not to go near it. Once they have learned not to be scared of something new they will accept it.

    With the new toy you need to play with it in front of him, and leave it laying out of the cage for him to check out. Once he has accepted the toy and is playing with it, then you can place it in the bird’s cage.
    You need to do that with anything new you get for him.

    Certified Avian Specialist


    Just keep interacting with him, he will come around. He is still young and discovering things. Try getting him a mirror to look into. Get a water bottle and mist him with lukewarm water and use that time to get to know him. No harsh streams though…only misting…just a little to get him used to it, birds love bathing. Get him special treats and coax him onto your hand for the treat. He will become more vocal the more you work with him.

    Good Luck

  3. captain_harlock_99

    OK. Small parrots really aren’t very vocal at that age. It isn’t likely he’ll even tweet much till he’s at least six months old. Then it will be till it’s a year old before he gets really “parroty”.

    Climbing, chewing and stare-ing is normal.

    You need to work with finger training. If you touch your finger to it’s breast, just above the legs, it will step on to your finger. Spend time with it out with you every day.

    Training materials specifically for Quakers can be hard to find, but if you use training techniques for another small parrot, like a cockatiel(recommended), you will find success.

    Best of luck :-)

  4. Mensa Head

    Talk to the little guy. Just spend time and talk to him. His personality will evolve with love and affection towards him.

  5. trinity_91724

    If there are alot of toys in the cage already, remove all but 1. Leave it in there for a week, then switch toys. Your Quaker may be telling you the the floor of his cage is too cluttered for his taste… he’s not sick so you dont have to worry about that… sick birds spend most of their time at the bottom of the cage not the top.

  6. arkleseizure

    Avocado is a big one I know. Chocolate too.

  7. Jordan S.

    Chocolate,Avacodo, Guacamole,cocao
    , beef,soda,junk food, salt,sugar, fatty,gressy foods.

    This is refering to ALL birds

  8. shay_n_lewis

    Hey here is a web site that can answer your questions and remember “when in dought leave it out”. /plants.
    her is another for safe foods
    I hope this will help you out.Also one SAFE food you wont find on these list is UN-salted popcorn and maybe bean sprouts.
    And remember that the kitchen is the most dangerous room to have your bird in.Heated cooking pans are very deadly to birds due to the fumes.Good luck with your bird.

  9. Ms. Bride-to-be

    cockatiel food is really good for them, and once or twice a week give them friut or vegs, but never alvacoto, its deadly to birds.

  10. Nic

    You should never feed ANY birds the following: -

    Avocado (to much oil for their system to cope)
    dairy products
    lettuce (too much water and gives them watery poop which results in them losing too much liquid)
    salty foods
    chocolate (just as you can’t feed it to dogs, they can’t deal with the cocoa)

  11. John P

    Chocolate, avocado , alcohol, and the seeds of apples or peaches or apricots are all toxic to birds.

    Caffeine can be harmful . So can carbonated drinks.

    Salt and sugar are not good if given to excess.

    Lettuce is NOT harmful , but has no real nutrition, and can cause diarrhea if too much is given .

    Seeds and nuts are harmful if given to excess. They can cause Fatty Liver Disease, which can be fatal! Restrict them to very occasional treats!

    Milk products are a bit hard to digest for birds, so restrict their use. Quakers will usually love cheese, especially macaroni with cheese , but only give them a few small pieces.

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