How can i tell if my quaker parrot has mites?

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Question by shanna c: How can i tell if my quaker parrot has mites?
here recently ive noticed that my bird likes to ”scratch’ how can i tell if he has mites? and i think hes been getting irritated cause of it. i dont have the money right now to take him to my vet. but i want to help my bird as much as possible. is there a way to tell if he has mites? what can i do as a safe way to treat it? thank you :)

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Answer by M2MM
Normally mites cause scaly skin:

Mites will attack the skin around the beak, belly and legs in most cases. So unless you see some tan colored build up on his skin, it’s unlikely that he has mites.

Now, dealing with the scratching – this is pretty normal for birds to do, btw – you can help your bird be more comfortable by gently spraying him with slightly warm water mixed 50/50 with unsweetened aloe vera juice (organic preferred.) Aloe vera is soothing and moisturizes their skin and feathers. This will help the bird be more comfortable and scratch less.

IF your bird has any tan patches of scaly skin, then consulting your vet is in order. An old home treatment is to rub Vaseline into the skin which smothers the mites, but this process takes a long time. Anything more aggressive should only be attempted under medical supervision, and only when recommended by a certified avian vet.

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