I found an injured bird…?

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I found an injured quaker parrot in my garden. i managed to catch it harmlessly by holding out a food bowl and gently moving it into a reasonably-sized bird cage with food and water, but it is in very bad shape; it appears to have a broken leg, (it won’t put its foot down; instead keeping it curled up and hops around on its other foot), injured wing and eye (though it can just about fly, and see through its eye – it just doesn’t seem to open all the way like its other eye) its tail has been torn off, and its missing a lot of feathers around its head and neck especially. i can’t take it to a veterinarian because the stress would probably be too much for it, and i couldn’t transport it there without harming it, since its very unstable on one leg. i was wondering if anyone could give me some advice? it is eating very well and sleeping a lot. It doesn’t seem to be in a lot of pain, i’m most concerned about its leg…
- i’ve been searching for avian vets, and there don’t appear to be any around here for miles… it would be a long trip for the frightended little guy… should i risk it?

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  1. sidewaydriver

    Up to 7 months. You only have to feed them once a week.

  2. searchpup

    There’s no set answer to that without knowing the bird’s health and activity level.
    Assuming he’s healthy and kept in a resting state, he could probably go two weeks or so without food before he actually died from starvation – but he could suffer long term health issues from it.
    And no, I am NOT suggesting you experiment this supposition.

  3. cookie bean

    i dont know but dont try testing it on your animal instead go and ask the pt store

  4. Ima Muggle

    well if it looks like a baby bird try to keep your scent off of you or the mom will never come back. Just keep taking care of it and it should be fine in a couple of days

  5. Verona

    Call your local vet and ask their advice. If it needs to see a vet, they should be able to give you some advice on avoiding stressing it out or injuring it on the trip there.

  6. identicalsnowflake

    Quaker parrot’s are normally pets not wild and seems like this one got away and had a run in with a “playful” cat. It needs to see a vet, but not any vet, an AVIAN vet. If you can find one near by then I suggest having somebody else take you there while you hold the bird in a towl. Obviously not the head and all, just the wings and body so that you would be supporting the birds weight. Also call the local shelters and report your little friend as the owners are probably looking for it. When you lose a bird it is not likely you are going to find it again so when you do it is a great releif. It is in more pain than you know. Birds are designed to hide their illness/injury as much as possible to keep from being an obvious target. I hope you get this guy some help and good luck.

  7. acs10958

    Quaker parrots are usually pets. So either an irresponsible owner didn’t want to take care of it or it accidentally escaped. It should be taken to an avian vet ASAP. Good luck!

  8. Dani

    If the bird is injured, it really needs to go to a vet. :( If it is a far drive, a good technique to keep it calm is keep it in a dark, cool place. If you can get it in a box with towels (and plenty of ventilation) without harming it, and drive carefully with no radio or much talking, no extreme temperatures (Hot or Cold) the bird should stay relatively calm. Do still call around locally about the bird in case someone has reported it missing or is looking, and if you’re going to post signs or anything, be very careful about the information you put out. Don’t be specific, and make any callers describe the bird to YOU. Some people will try to get free pets by looking at “Found” signs and describing what they see or read on the flyer. :(

    And sorry for hijacking this question, but this is for Mrs. Mays (and anyone else who doesn’t know): BIRDS CANNOT SMELL HUMAN SCENT. If you do find a wild baby bird that has fallen from it’s nest, watch it from afar, like from inside the house, for a while (an hour or so) before trying to ‘save’ it first if it’s not injured. The parents will often still be taking care of it while it’s on the ground. Especially if it has most of its feathers, because then it’s called a fledgling and it’s learning to fly. But if it’s too young, featherless, or was knocked or blown from its nest, you can gently get it back in its nest and the parents WILL come back and take care of it as long as it isn’t sick or injured. If you can’t get to the nest, construct one out or a very small basket or a plastic container, like cool-whip, with some natural material inside and hang it lower in the same tree. Chances are the parents are watching, or will still find the baby and continue care-taking.

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