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My Quaker parrot is about 3-5 months old. It still cant eat alot of seeds on its own so I feed it baby food. Every time that I put the food in his mouth her throws it right back up like he is puking it. Does it mean that he is sick or just that he is full?
My parrot is 1 month old. He keeps “vomiting” his food. He eats a little bi of seeds and I feed him baby food. HELP!!
Sorry i made a mistake! My parrot is one month old
My bad again! I am feeding it powdered food with warm water and I already know how to feed him from past expirience.



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  1. Animaholic

    Harrison’s Organic Bird Food is the pellets I feed my Grey. I feed this because it is the most nutritionally sound, and being organic is great since birds are sensitive to pesticides. I have tried other pellet food and he preferred certain colors/shapes etc., rather than a certain brand. Harrison’s is all one color and shape, and this reduces waste considerably. I have my food shipped from the manufacturer. It is more convenient for me to do obtain my birds food this way. Expiration Dates: It expires, I believe in six months to a year. Keep it refrigerated and closed tightly in the original bag.

    Search on Harrison’s bird foods to find the site. Even Alex, the famous African Grey, is fed this food. It is the best you can get for your parrot. No artificial colors, dyes, flavors, etc. it’s the real deal.

  2. cs

    The hospital I work at recommends the Lafeber brand, and you are correct about the colors. This food is available at most pet stores in my area, heres a website for them:

    I am not sure about how long they last, we typically run out long before it become an issue

  3. dog

    no i have a duble yellw amazon it is a perit u shood feead yours seeds nuts appales no avacoto or chocklet.

  4. PinkDagger

    85% of my birds’ diet is composed of pellets and it’s the best choice I’ve ever made. Ever since switching from all seed, I noticed brighter eyes, more playful moods, smoother and softer plumage, and overall much healthier birds. Anyway, onto your questions:

    1. I feed a variety of pellets. Harrison’s, Roudybush, Zupreem, Lafeber, and Tropican. I used to feed Hagen Cockatiel Lifetime but I found this was less favoured. I feed these because Harrison’s is a fantastic brand, very well researched and trusted by parrot owners everywhere, and best of all, it’s organic. I feed Roudybush because it is also highly researched and trusted, and my birds love it. Zupreem was the second type of pellet I tried with my birds, and I feed them Garden Goodness for small birds – they love the dried vegetables in it and also the crunchiness of the pellets themselves. I also noticed they had a love for vegetables and a hate for fruit, so fruit flavours would get me nowhere. Lafeber is also a trusted brand, maybe not so much as the others, but I find its quality is nice, it’s fairly researched, and my birds enjoy it. I feed Tropimix because it has a little bit of seed, which can account for most of the seed in their diet along with pellets and a fruity sensational smell with a couple of colours. I tend to avoid artifical colours and flavours because colours can stain the poop and throw an owner off from how healthy their bird is if their poop is coming out rainbows. Flavours just aren’t good for them, just as they wouldn’t be for people. All natural is the best way to go, and the dyes in food can be dangerous to overall health as well by picking on some organs.

    2. I have tried a ton of pellets. Like I said, I started with Hagen Cockatiel Lifetime, and that went okay. They ate it but it took them a while to warm up to it. Then I tried Zupreem Garden Goodness for Small Birds. That went great for most of my birds because it had the colours of the vegetables and the fact that they could dunk those pieces in their water and make them squishy was fantastic. Then came Lafeber, and although the shape of the pellets (cylindrical – all of the ones I’d offered so far were round) took some getting used to, they did eat it. I continue to feed it now because one of my (five) birds still loves it. Then came Roudybush and that was a HUGE success! I don’t know what it was about it, it could have been the colour or the crumbly shapes and size, but it went great. And lastly, Harrison’s. Took some getting used to, these pellets are tiny and cylindrical, a different colour than all the other pellets I’ve given, but the slight smell of peanut, I think, enticed them. Oh, and they had no problem eating the Tropimix since it had seeds, and regardless of most of the bright colours, the seeds were a good offering that they would eat with or without the dye. Many birds do have a colour preference, and bird foods are produced similarly to dog food – that is, every kibble is the same in nutritional value and taste, but if one is a different colour and your bird likes that colour better, you can bet they’ll go for it. Besides, birds typically have a crappy sense of taste and smell. It’s the appearance and the texture, size, and ‘feel’ of the food they go for. For example, mine hate fruit because it’s juicy and they hate getting their beaks too wet.

    3. I order mine online with the exception of Tropimix. Tropimix I can now get from my local Petcetera, but Harrison’s is only available online and within certain avian vet offices. Roudybush I’ve only seen online, but I wouldn’t doubt they’re in vet offices, too. Zupreem is available at Petsmart and such, but I find the prices are better online and shipping is fair. I order from It’s a Canadian site and ships orders for $20 within Canada, and considering the fact that I bought a heavy order, I like it.

    4. Most expiration dates say “Best if opened before”. The site I linked above informed me that a food I ordered was on a new shipment to them, and the only ones they had at the time I ordered were “Best if opened before” two or three months from then, and all that means is that you should open it before then. It will still be good for at least two more months. Anything over that, I would say is stale. If you want to try and preserve them longer, stick them in the fridge. Just like our food, the coolness slows the process of losing its taste, crunchiness, etc. and it stays fresher longer.

    Hope that helps.

  5. Lynda S

    I’ve fed my birds Zupreem,that’s what was recommended when I got my birds. I buy more then I need and freeze it. It works out great.

  6. oogajones

    I use Zupreem because it is the only brand I have tried that all my birds like. My birds also pick out certain colors. Luckily, they all like different colors so I find myself seperating the colors so everyone gets what they like and the pellets don’t get wasted. I have mine shipped as it is cheaper. I always run out long before the expiration date on the bag.

  7. sdkramer76

    Rio and Katie, my Macaws, as well as my son’s cockatiel all eat Zupreem FruitBlend Flavor.

    We’ve been through pretty much all the pellets. Rio’s a finicky little bugger and he’d throw them at me. So, when I finally found the ZuPreem, it smells like cereal. I honestly believe he thinks it IS cereal. It smells like Trix or Fruity Pebbles.

    Since his stubborn butt only eats that, it makes sense to save money and just buy the same things for my other birds. The cockatiel pellet, same thing the FruitBlend is actually pretty cheap. You get a huge bag of it for 10.95 and it lasts for quite a while. Plus, the bags are resealable and that helps keep them fresh.

    Rio picks out colors as well. I’ve honestly not tried them, so I don’t know if the colors have different tastes. But, the variance of smell between the colors tells me that there is. I currently have a raging case of the flu, so the last thing I’m about to do is put them in my mouth. LOL Sorry.

    I buy the pellet here at our local pet store. Expiration dates…the one on this almost gone bag says “Best if Purchased Before 04/08″

    EDITED TO ADD: By the way…I buy two different sizes. I buy the Macaw sized for the macaws and the cockatiel size for Disco.

  8. lynda w

    Yes Harrisons high potency course,this is what i use for my african Grey’s,but if you go onto the.. harrisons food for birds…site there is a list of birds and the correct pellet for each species.

  9. ?

    I heard Harrisons (I think it is that) is the best for pellet. If a parrot is used to pellets it won’t be a hard change. If they are used to seeds it may be a while before they like it.

  10. Jeff C

    I don’t think you should be feeding a bird baby food.

  11. susieQ

    CONSULT YOUR VET BUT THEY DO THROW THERE HEADS BACK WHEN THEY EAT YOU CAN ALSO CALL YOUR local petsmart or any others. he should be eating seed by now better consult a professional

  12. kajunmom76

    don’t feed it baby food!!

  13. galapagos6

    If he’s only a month old, its very likely that he’s still needing handfed formula. Did they teach you how to do this where bought him?
    What “baby food” are you giving him? You need to be giving him handfeeding formula for birds if you aren’t already. Are you heating it up to the correct temp? He may be spitting it out because it’s too hot or too cold. It needs to be at 101-104F. Any cooler and he could get fungal infections and any warmer you can burn his crop.
    I would take him to a vet just to make sure. Birds have very high metabolisms and can starve in a very short time. So you want to make sure he’s eating enough.

  14. zikirur

    You shouldn’t feed him baby food. You should feed him stuff that’s actually for BIRDS even if he is too young to eat seed.

  15. Shanna R

    Congrats on your new baby bird. A seed diet is not recommended for any bird, it is very high in fat and lacks the nutrients and vitamins that birds desperately need to be healthy. Millet is alright in small quantities. The ideal food is a pelleted diet such as Zupreem and Roudybush. You can buy it online much cheaper than you can in a store. Baby food is not ideal as a food for the bird, it is ok to use in a pinch. Instead buy some baby bird formula. I use the Zupreem Embrace Baby Bird Hand feeding formula. You can buy it in several different size bags. (try or Just mix it according to the directions on the bag. I would talk to a local avian vet, avian rescue, or avian club and have someone show you how to hand feed the bird. It is sometimes tricky and doing it incorrectly can cause a mulitude of health problems including death. You can visually check the crop (pouch on the neck) to determine if the bird is full. If the crop is not emptying (after a bit) then do not feed the bird anymore and take it to the vet right away. Best of Luck!

  16. LF

    Gosh only a month old!

    I found a site that might be some help for you. Read the site, then go buy some formula for the parrot and stop feeding it baby food!

  17. Max B Good

    I feel badly for you both. You need someone to watch while you feed and see what the bird is doing. I hope your little guy comes out OK. I love quakers.

  18. terraist

    Hi he needs to be fed a baby bird formula you can get it at a pet store … have you ever handfed a baby bird before ? if not done right you can hurt him and quite possibly kill him..He should be on that formula for approximately 2-3 monthes along with offering soft fruits and steamed vegies he might just nibble at them but thats ok when he gets a little bigger then you will want to use a weaning formula and by then he should be eating seeds fruits veggies pellets cooked rice beans and pasta.. If you get stuck consult an AVIAN vet… good luck…

  19. kim

    Why have you got an unweaned baby parrot & don’t know how to care for it???????? That’s is just dangerous for your parrot.

    Take him to an avian specialist & get him put on quacker formula ASAP. While you’re there ask how to feed the bird properly. If you don’t you will either kill the bird in time or you have a very ill bird for the sest of it’s life.

    Handrearing isn’t something you should’ve done in the first place, leave it to the experts next time!!

  20. ali

    i dont know if im posting this in the right place but my quaker needs help!! ive had my quaker for 5 years now so i know when how she acts. today however she started her day by vomiting. when i got home from work she was making the intent to vomit. she also looks tired and fell asleep on me, something really rare because she is usually very active. she has spent the whole day sleeping, or attemping to sleep. she has been eating but hardly. can someone tell me what is wrong with her? is she sick? did she eat something? what sould i do? please help me!!!

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