Quaker Parrot attitude change.?

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Our Quaker Parrot has developed an attitude change that is rather frustrating to me. Nothing has changed in his food or care at all. However one day he actually nipped at me and I then left him alone and then now he is becoming more and more aggressive and going to the floor of his cage and doing these repetitive motions with his body and head and doing this sequence of shrill sounds when we get near his cage. There are no kids in the house and he “was” before this mood change getting loads of attention and love but now I am hesitant to even put my hand near the cage because he charges it and when he latches on with his beak it hurts! I can do the food and water and cage cleaning without being bitten but now you cannot touch him or even show him affection unless it is on his terms. Does this species of bird have a mating season or time of year? Going from a loving bird who loves to cuddle to a mean attack bird is rather odd don’t you think? Please help!

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  1. Marie

    I had a Quaker for several years…great bird. He showered with me, played peek-a-boo, loved on me and rode my shoulder everywhere. He even played with my dogs, cats and rabbit…all until one day. He started to lunge at me, bite me and trashing his head about in his cage. He would knock on the cage as if saying come on in and I’ll bite you. He became so bad with the screaming and such. Then one day we found out why. He was not a he at all but a female. The pet store said our bird was a male but when thats the only bird you have and eggs are appearing in the cage, we realized it was a female. That was our birds problem. She was laying non-fertile eggs and getting very protective over them. They use sunlight like plants and it helps them produce calcium that they need to produce the eggs. We had to restrict her sunlight time near the window and create more of a shaded area so she would not lay so many eggs. She actually became so evil that we had to give her away to a breeding facility and she did very well there. No one could hold her and I had to wear protective gloves just to change her water and food. I hope this helps.

  2. joewebb

    If you check you will see most Quaker are trying to mate now. And they change get nippy and load this will last between two weeks and a month,My Quaker is doing it two.good luck.

  3. Yogi T

    It sounds as though your bird is in a hormonal state. It is that time of the year. Your bird sounds as though it might be a female about to lay an egg. Are you sure it is male ?You can’t tell on Quakers by just looking or going by it’s actions. Most parrots breed in the spring when days are getting longer. Some birds also have a season in the Fall. Some birds will breed year round. I had some Quakers breed in an unheated coop in winter. It just depends. I digress here. Anyhow Put your bird to bed earlier so it gets 12 to 14 hours sleep in complete darkness. This will help to break the breeding cycle. Once it mellows out handle often . You might consider an avian vet visit if he doesn’t improve with more sleep.

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