Quaker Parrots. A good pet???

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My mother wants to get a Quaker Parrot at a bird show in november in Jackson MS. See i recently went to the show this month and I bought a parakeet and all the birds and cages and food is all really really cheap. And you can get great bargains and stuff like that. Well anyways, we have a cockatiel that kinda went wild and won’t let us have anything to do with us. And so i wanted my own bird and I got a parakeet. Well they had lots of birds and I saw some lovebirds that were rather inexpensive. So i came home and did my research and I want to get one. But my mother doesn’t want one because she wants a bird that can talk really well. Thats why she got the cockatiel in the first place. SO she said no, unless i get my parakeet to talk by november. If i can, then i can get a lovebird. But she wants a Quaker parrot as well. But i heard that they can be too loud. I mean, we could keep it where it wouldn’t bother us that much but I just want to know like if the make good pets?
Me and my mom LOVE birds. We have tons of birds in our backyard to eat and we enjoy watching them. But she has always liked parrots and things. And so she wants to get a Quaker parrot so that it can talk and she says its pretty. I think such as well and I just want to know all the minor/major details before we get a Quaker. I heard that they could be bought for around 50 dollars at the bird show in November

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  1. misty

    If you just buy one from a pet store it would be alot cheaper. they make great pets. but watch your mouth they tend to repaete every thing you dont want them to. they are also very smart. mine leaned to open his cage. every time i get mad and slam my door he will open his cage then slam it shut. it always cheers me up. love bird usually dont talk very much.

  2. mireya v

    I used to own a few before my dad’s girlfriend decided that she was allergic. My quaker parrots were very nice and friendly, but i asume that had more to do with how we cared for them. The point is that they are easily trained and very adorable, but they can be a bit loud at times. If you get one you must be able to watch what you say infront of them because they WILL repeat everything. Also it helps if you associate the words you teach them with the object/action so they are actually communicating and not just rambling. They are social birds and should be kept with at least one other bird. They can also be stubborn at times, but it’s all worth it. Before I forget, if there are any dogs/cats/ect. they will mimic the noises other animals around them make as well. My favorite bird Pappy loved to confuse us by barking when he was near the dogs. When training them it is best to start with small words/syllabels. They learn more quickly if you do that. Well that’s all I can think of, so enjoy your bird(whenever you get it)!

  3. Ima C

    Welcome to the bird world! Quakers make wonderful pets and all birds make noise. Its their way to communicate just give it lots of attention and it will learn when to be quite.
    Love birds are pretty but can be very aggressive. When mine started to lay eggs she became unable to handle.
    Quakers a sosial birds and should be kept where the family gathers the most. They are little clowns and love to entertain. Good luck and what ever you chose do lots of reading so they are well cared for.
    Here is a good site http://www.quakerparrots.com/

  4. Mustang Sally

    My mother has a Quaker. She got it as a baby (preferred) and has had it about 7 months. It already laughs and talks. Seems to be a good bird for talking, but does not like to be handled. Also has big droppings, (kind of nasty). It is very social and needs to be where you can interact with it a lot.

  5. Daniel


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