Weaning a quaker parrot?

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I didn’t know not to and just bought a 2 months old, un-weaned quaker parrot (I’m a terrible person, let’s move on).

I was told to feed him 10cc’s 2x/day. I’m doing so (making sure to keep food between 102-110 F), but he doesn’t eat any of the pellets between these two feedings.


1. Because he’s not eating pellets between the two meals (given at 8:30am and 8:30pm), should I add in a 3rd feeding at 2:30pm?

2. He’s 95 grams (I weigh him daily). Is it 10cc’s measured before or after mixing the powder with water? The food packaging says 10-12% of body weight per feeding. Is this a measure of the dry powder or mixed? I know I’m suppose to feed until crop is “full” (spongy, but not firm??).

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Terrible Bird Owner,

Johnny P.

Colette: Should I stick with just two feedings a day in addition to the abundance feeding or go with three?

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4 Responses to “Weaning a quaker parrot?”

  1. ladycockatiel

    Take the bird back to the person you got it from and have them educate you on how this baby will ween. I usually offer millet spray and plenty of seed and pellet mixes, plus hand feed it in the evenings not in the moring or after noon. Let it get hungry enough to look for food on its own.

  2. cali.boy.92

    i really suggest you go back tot he pet shop or where ever you got it from and have them teach you the correct way to feed. Also, you can go to barns and noble for quaker parrot books.

  3. Colette

    Dear TBO ,

    I believe Quakers usually wean between 8 and 10 weeks of age. But every bird is different.

    Now is a good time for your bird to discover all kinds of good, healthy foods. Scatter some corn, peas and mixed veggies on the cage bottom for him. Put out lots of millet. He’ll play with it first and then learn it is food. While I understand you want to wean him to pellets, pellets just don’t look (or taste) like real “food”. By all means, if you want him to eat pellets then include them in the foods he should be discovering. But millet is generally the first foods babies start to wean to. Before he will wean, he has to discover food.

    Take your time and “abundance” wean your little guy. Continue hand feedings as long as he wants them. As he starts eating solid foods, he will start taking less and less at each feeding. Please never make him go hungry. That’s “force weaning” and it just isn’t right or fair to the bird.

    Once your bird is eating foods on his own, you can slowly push more pellets and begin cutting back on seed and millet. But the first step is to be sure that he comfortably weans and at his own pace.

    Hope this helps,

  4. mamasaviary

    The very fact that you recognize the baby is unweaned and are seeking advice is an indication that you are not a terrible bird person, but shame on the breeder who sold you the bird in the first place before it was ready!

    I agree with Colette 100% on all points, let the baby decide how much and how often he wants formula. Abundance weaning allows the bird to determine the amount and frequency of feeding and results in a healthier, more confident and well adjusted bird. Parrots in the wild are often fed by flock members for several months after “weaning” and it’s not uncommon for captive babies to take formula (especially when offered) for long periods.

    Birds this age usually won’t eat much in the morning anyway (too busy exploring and flying)! but make sure you offer the food as often as necessary to maintain his weight.

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