What is the best Quaker parrot food?

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Question by mythicalmagics: What is the best Quaker parrot food?
My quaker is three weeks old and is doing great. Now, I don’t need people to get on here and tell me to return the bird, because I took him from a woman who’s birds just randomly had an egg and then once it was hatched abandoned it. She said she couldn’t care for him anymore, so I did her a favor and took him. My question is, when should I completely take him off his formula and should I get him parrot pellets or just stick with fresh fruits, veggies, and nuts? And, if I do keep him on fresh foods does he need a supplement to get all his vitamins? Thanks to anyone in advance who is actually helpful and not just telling me to give him back.

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Answer by joewebb
Harrisons bird food is the best.But before you believe ask a vet harrisons is also the right size pellet for the quaker.You also give the a little seed and raw vegies.Quakers are prone to fatty liver disease that is the reason for the pellets.

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  1. SALIM

    Dear my philosophy is,
    give all natural food (seeds, nuts, fruits and vegetable).
    because first of all that is selling mafia, who promote their products.
    there is no compatible to natural food, (u’ll be also agreed)
    so, just provide all natural fruits, nuts seed and vegetables, Your job is just try all and check what is pets favorite food then give them regulary.

  2. Weubv

    Hi Mythical…!
    I recommend:
    Formulated with optimal levels of protein, fat and carbohydrates
    Carefully selected based on your bird’s beak size
    Omega 6 fatty acids help maintain healthy skin and colorful plumage
    Vitamin A helps support eye, skin and immune system

    and read useful Guide to the Quaker Parrot . It provides the details of parrot behavior training along with general advice on cages, bird toys, grooming, diet, “potty” training,
    preventing household accidents, and more. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0764136682?ie=UTF8&tag=digitsy-post-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=0764136682

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