Help with my quaker parrot?

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Question by Ashley: Help with my quaker parrot?
I noticed that my qucker parrots feather have become extremly dull and looks like hes been plucking them out. Heres a couple of photos.

Hes also been really loud and nippy. My mom thinks it might have something to do with sexual maturity. Can anyone tell me if he might be sick or something?

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some birds pluck their feathers when they are stressed, so that might be it

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4 Responses to “Help with my quaker parrot?”

  1. drophley

    If you just see feathers on the bottom of his cage and no bald spots, then he might just be going through a molt. Birds can become more nippy and vocal when they’re going through their breeding cycle and molts can be uncomfortable with all the itchy tube feathers coming in. As long as you’ve had your quaker a while and nothing has really changed (new cage, diet, new people in the house) I would guess that it is breeding behavior. And as long as you don’t see all the feathers missing in one spot then he shouldn’t be plucking. Birds typically molt and drop feathers all over their bodies at different times so that they are still able to fly and keep warm. However, if you are overly concerned, I would take him to an avian vet for a health check as we can only guess without truley seeing the bird.

  2. Xuan

    it is not sick. i saw on the news that if u dont play with your parrots and they will pick there feather off . so YOU NEED TO PLAY WITH YOUR PARROT EVERYDAY!!!!!!!!!! OKAY???????:)

  3. lisak

    if he is molting a good soothing mist for itchy skin is warm water & aloe gel. Use a bottle you have only ever had water in, and just a fine mist put about 3 TLBS of aloe gel in it. You can get it at the health food store. That is the best kind because its 100% pure aloe gel.

  4. humor4fms

    I’ve noticed more from your photos then anyone has. It not only has some nutrional problems but this bird has a lot going on. It does not have anything to do with sexual maturity either. Please message me and i’d be more then happy to help you out!

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