My quaker parrot flew away this morning and I’m sick. I think he is in a tree but I can’t see him.?

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Question by Cathy R: My quaker parrot flew away this morning and I’m sick. I think he is in a tree but I can’t see him.?
Is there anything I can do?

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Answer by West Side™
Put his cage outside on a table and put his favourite titbits around….not much else you can do sorry

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4 Responses to “My quaker parrot flew away this morning and I’m sick. I think he is in a tree but I can’t see him.?”

  1. MamD85

    Put cage out there.

  2. Sexy Mama ..

    First of all my heart goes out to you as i know how it feels to have a pet run off and worry if and when they’ll come back’ and all mine always have with food and calling.Do what west side says as it sounds like a good idea as your parrot will know that’s his house and food and fly back in.I would call out side every time you think of it so he can hear and maybe come home sooner..Good Luck Hon i will you all the best with your bird’ pet..

  3. Rayla

    If at all possible try not to loose sight of your bird. Follow him down the street & through some yards – calling him. Tell people what you are doing & ask for help as you go. If you don’t see anyone, keep following him anyway. If you loose sight of him – things become more difficult but it is not impossible to find him again.

    When he lands he will be tired because he is not used to flying much in the home. It is very unlikely that he will come down to you when you call though because he is probably very frightened and is up higher than he has ever been before. This is the time you have to use to call friends & neighbours to help you. You need to have people situated in all directions to be able to follow him if he starts to fly again.

    At this time, get your bird’s cage with his favourite treats & see if you can get it where he can see it so he may try to get to it. If you have another bird bring him along too so they can talk & possibly lure him back down.

    You may be able to spray him with a hose – making sure you completely drench him so that when he tries to fly, he comes to the ground instead.

    Unfortunately most birds are out of sight much too quickly and you have to be able to find him before you can get him back.

    Put his cage outside – preferably up high so he can see it if he comes back.
    Scatter his favourite foods around, both inside & outside the cage.
    Make posters & distribute them around the neighbourhood – put one in all the mailboxes in the area, post them on poles and in stores and your community police station.
    Phone the TV & radio stations & ask them to mention your bird.
    Put an ad in the paper.
    Call everyone you know & ask them to walk around where he was last seen. Ask all the children in the neighbourhood to look & to tell their friends.
    Talk to the schools in the area & ask them to mention your bird in their daily announcements.
    Call the Humane Society, pet stores, veterinary offices, and any other business in the area.

    Remember that the area for a bird can cover several miles. Don’t give up too early. Birds have sometimes been found several weeks or even months after they flew away.

    Birds are most vocal just before sunrise & just after sundown so that is the time to be out searching. Walk or ride a bicycle instead of driving in a car, so you can hear as you are going. This way you can also talk to people that you see. Have your phone number and “lost bird” on pieces of paper to hand out to everyone you see.

    At about day number 3 if you have not recovered him yet, he will be hungry and may approach people since he normally gets food from people. At this time he may be miles from home, so the more people that know about him the better chance you have that someone will be calling you about finding a bird. Make sure you can be reached at all times. Get yourself a pager or make sure you can get your phone messages while

  4. gizzy20001

    a agree, put a cage, food and toys out and try calling him back. If it helps you feel better about it Quaker Parrots can not only survive out side but have made colonies in northern cities like seattle

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