Signs of illness in parrots

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This is Kara. She just got back from the vet earlier today, after staying there a whole week. As you can see, she’s still not entirely feeling better. Hopefully with her medications and very careful monitoring she’ll be back to her mischievous little self soon. Before taking her to the vet I noticed the following symptoms: – She wasn’t taking her baths like she usually does – Her poop contained less of the white in it, and was less moist indicating she was dehydrated – She was extremely quiet (normally she’s very vocal and active) – She was tired all the time, and not doing much despite 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night – Feathers were puffed up all the time, with droopy wings – Heavy breathing, and very soft wheezing – Slight tail bob and wing bob as well She was however, eating very well. The vet thinks she may have had metal poisoning (which is why I’ve temporarily removed most of her toys for now among other precautions). If you see your bird with any of these serious symptoms, or any unusual change in personality and behavior take them to the vet IMMEDIATELY! It CAN NOT wait! After this close call, I just wanted to post a video that can hopefully help people determine if their bird is ill. Update 12/10/09: Kara is feeling better. She’s extremely active and back to being her obnoxious self but still breathes a little heavier than than usual after exercise. We got some blood work the other day at the UCD hospital and she appears to have some kidney problems so
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8 Responses to “Signs of illness in parrots”

  1. EternalCrappyKid

    @dancemypretty oh crap….i didnt know that…now im worried.

    well its pretty hot right now, its too bad i live in an apartment complex with loads of college kids.

  2. dancemypretty

    @EternalCrappyKid: I hope you’re right! Birds try to hide their illness as long as possible by going about their regular activities as much as possible. Even when Kara was extremely ill, she’d exert all her energy playing with toys etc. Keep perches low to the ground, and close to food and water, warm temperatures, high humidity and 12 hours of dark uninterrupted sleep. I really hope your lovebird recovers, they can be tough little guys.

  3. EternalCrappyKid

    @dancemypretty i gave him some crackers and he seems fine since he’s moving around the place.

  4. dancemypretty

    @EternalCrappyKid: I’m glad someone like you is looking out for him :) I really hope he pulls through

  5. EternalCrappyKid

    @dancemypretty the little guy is still okay…for now i think.

    its too bad the dogs get the most attention.

    im still watching him regardless

  6. dancemypretty

    @EternalCrappyKid: Aww that makes me really sad I’m sorry your parents won’t do anything about it :( Try to keep the little guy as warm as possible, in a room with high humidity (like the bathroom during a shower). Since the vet doesn’t sound like an option for you, you can at least try to make your bird as comfortable as possible before s/he passes.

  7. EternalCrappyKid

    my parents are letting our lovebird die.
    the poor thing has water under its eyes and its been crying for over an hour.
    i feel terrible that i have to hear him suffer.

  8. Memo G.

    Hey my parrot is sick its loosing its feathers and its skin has turn red, also it hasnt been acting as usual anymore its 1year old and I dont know what is wrong?please give me ansewrs to help my quaker parrot

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