Why is my Quaker parrot losing feathers?

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Question by tranixter: Why is my Quaker parrot losing feathers?
I have a 6 month old Quaker parrot and I noticed in the past week that she is starting to loose a few feathers. On her back she looks just spit bathed, but on her chest she has a small bald spot and all few feathers seem loose (if you will) they are all ruffled up. Why is this?
is it
her being sick (she does not have diarrhea)
a cold
what is it,
thanks for you help
She is not acting any different than before, but she does seem a little clumsy.
She is a month off of the normal molting schedule, but it is her first molt so im sure it is okay right?

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Answer by I love Thomas P.
Well I’ve heard that parrots molt. I think she’s molting her feathers to grow new, fresh, clean, gorgeous feathers!

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3 Responses to “Why is my Quaker parrot losing feathers?”

  1. Bob

    sometimes when birds get stressed they lose their feathers or they pull them out. Try to find out if anything is bothering it.

  2. granny

    All bird molt but usually bald spots don’t show I tend to think it stress. Does she have something to chew on to take away her stress? Get toys for her cage she can chew and destroy. Check her environment and make sure sure there hasn’t been a change in the room. It could be she doesn’t recognize people with coats or hats on. It bothers her. YOu have to look at the room from the perspective of a bird. Then see if anything might look threatening.

  3. joewebb

    The best thing yo do is take it to the vet. everybody can tell you what they think ,But will it help your bird take it to the vet.

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