Getting a New Quaker Parrot?

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I was thinking of buying a new Quaker Parrot, but I have a few questions:
1. What is the first thing I need to do when I get the parrot?Should I leave it alone and wait until it opens up, or should i have a lot to do with it from the beginning?
2. Apprx. how many toys will I need for one? Are they playful?
3.How do you get it to bond with one person? I would like for it to bond with me overall, i have many siblings.
4.Which sex is more aggressive?Male or Female?
5.Give me any tips for a first time quaker parrot owner, including a GOOD NAME.Thanks for all your help,
Thank You so much. I have a large cage, so the size thing shouldn’t be a problem.
Do male or female talk more?

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  1. lmrajr

    Morgan, I love your name as my daughter is also Morgan!
    We have had quaker parrots, and they from the ones I’ve owned, they have decided who they like and want to bond with and who they don’t like and wont bond with. Spend lots of time with it, the more you interact with the bird the more it should warm up to you….hand feed it as much a possible, and lots of toys they get board easily, they are also VERY loud.
    Not sure about which sex is more aggressive, and as for a name….Just don’t name it POLLY! Good luck and have fun with the green bird.

  2. QueenKitty

    1. You should probably wait to meet your parrot before deciding whether to leave it alone or have a lot to do with it. Some parrots are all about playing right away and others can take several months before they aren’t skittish anymore.
    2. You want to put as many toys as he has room for in his cage, but you don’t want to crowd his living space. 3-6 toys depending on the size of the cage and toys.
    3. To be honest, my birds tend to bond with me more because I’m the one responsible for cleaning their cages, changing food and water. I’m the one that gets them out more.
    4. Good Name: Boy: Walter Girl: Wendy

  3. xCristolx

    First of all, which Quaker parrot do you want? The blue or green one? If you plan to get a green one, (which is cheaper) then this is what you have to do.

    1. When you first get it, you have to give it a few days or WEEKS for it to get used to your home. It well get curious and quiet because it might be a little shy and it has never been to your house. When it does get used to your home, it will start to get used to YOU. So just leave it alone until it becomes used to your house.

    2. You will need at least 3 toys i guess. It counts on what cage size you have. And you will need a BIG cage for their exercise, and happiness. And yes, they are very playful. They need at least 30 minutes of attention each day. AND MUCH MORE. The reason why you should get toys is because when you are not home one day, it can get bored and become a feather plucker. You don’t want a bald Quaker, do you? That is why you need toys, Get new toys every month so the toys don’t get old and your Quaker won’t get bored.

    3. Well, if you want it to bond with only YOU, then you have to do most of the work. You have to feed it, give it fresh water, bathe it, and play with it! Then it will only wait for YOU to come home and wait for YOU to play with it and everything. Please, Quaker’s don’t only eat seeds. If they are only eating seeds they are not very healthy. It needs fresh fruit and veggies, and pellets are good too.

    4. Well.. It count’s on the personality I guess. Each bird has it’s own personality. It’s own way of acting and everything. I think the male is more aggresive though.. But really, there’s no difference except for the personality. So make sure you know the bird your getting first before you actually buy it. And don’t buy one from a pet store, buy one from a BREEDER!

    5. Okay, here’s my tips: Fresh fruits and veggies for the Quaker, everyday attention (what i mean by that is give it attention everyday), Lots of toys, Fresh water every day, Clean the cage once a week, Get a large sized cage suitable for a Quaker, And It would be helpful to you if you get a book on them also and do more research. That way you would know everything about Quakers and you will not have to worry about him or her. I know you will have a healthy and happy Quaker parrot!

    Here are the names I would suggest if it was a girl:

    Here are the names I would suggest if it was a boy:

    I hope i helped you! And congratulations on getting a new Quaker! There wonderful birds!

    P.S- If you want to know for 100% if it is a boy or girl, get it DNA tested!

  4. Lauren G

    1) depending on the bird, you will know if it needs to be left alone. When I first got my cockatiel, it absolutely loved people and it still does. Though it was in a new environment it didn’t want to stay in the cage, and enjoyed sitting on my chest, even though it had just met me. But if the bird seems to be checking out its cage, or looking a little nervous, i would let it go until it looks like it wants to come out of the cage. Sit in a watching distance (but not too close) and see what it is doing. it is actually quite entertaining especially since it is new, to watch it check everything out, and play with new toys.
    2)Just get a couple of toys. since the cage is large fill up the cage (leaving appropriate room) with toys and perches. considering it will be spending a lot of time outside of the cage, it probably won’t need that many, but for days where you are at school/ work, it might be worth it to invest in 3 or 4 toys.
    3) I had the same issue with my bird too. Sometimes it likes me a lot, and other times it wants to go over to my mom and talk to her. I yell at whoever takes my bird out of the cage, but at the same time it is good for the bird to socialize with other people, so when you get older, it isn’t too protective of you (and drives everybody off)
    4) I think females are more agressive, but I think i prefer a female over a male. I had a female cockatiel, who was very agressive(but i got her from the spca which could have something to do with it) but the male i have now, has these weird obsessions like feet. it will jump on the floor to yell and talk to my feet, so i have to cover my feet with a blanket in order to get it to stop. also it tries to mate with my hand if i wiggle it around, and he bangs his beak on the cage (which is also a mating behavior) males talk much easier, my bird started talking within the first month i got him, but they are much louder also and need more attention, while females seem content having alone time also and they can’t become egg bound like females. but it is also a personal preferance.
    5) well i have only owned cockatiels, but birds are birds. i think you should come up with your own name for your bird. it will make it much more personal. i love to think of crazy names. like (don’t steal these names please) my first bird was demi, my second was scoop, and the bird i have now is tiki. look outside for ideas. like cloud. or mercury. use a favorite food, or something in your backyard for ideas and go from there. i like to make a list of names first, then eliminate until i get down to one name

  5. joewebb

    You want to get him out of the cage just as quick as you can. and take him out everyday an love on him a lot.You dont want him to get cage aggression .He will bond to the one who spends the most time with him.A good book to get is Guide to Companion Parrot Behavior will help you alot.

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