how can i train my quaker parrots to stop screaming so much!?!? HELP?

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i have 2 quaker parrots and they talk in spanish but they dont stop talking n talking and screaming and everything and my mom said she is tired of them and she wants me to get rid of them. but since i hand raised them n hand fed them since they were babies i cant giv them to someone else because they will die! because they are used to me, i had someone babysit them for 3 days once and they barley ate! so how can i get them to stop screaming!? some one told me today that i should spray them with a spray bottle of water everytime they scream so im going to try that now i guess

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4 Responses to “how can i train my quaker parrots to stop screaming so much!?!? HELP?”

  1. QueenKitty

    Spraying with water won’t help. They will most likely enjoy it.
    Birds scream to match the energy around them. They love to scream in the morning and at sundown. That’s natural and should be encouraged during a half an hour time frame that is during that period of the day, and that will naturally discourage them throughout the rest of the day.
    If they are screaming, they will scream more if you yell at them. I have found whispering when often quiet a screaming bird, as they will get real quiet trying to hear what you are saying.
    If they are attention screamers…meaning they scream to get attention, often ignoring them will cause them to learn that it has no results.

  2. joewebb

    The only way you wii stop him is spraying him .Everytime he screams .People will tell you not to do it. But i will put up all the birds i have on what they have done any old day.

  3. Sherri Thomas

    I tried the water bottle bit, and it does NOT work…my parrot accually liked it…

  4. lake

    First – make sure there is not something real they are screaming about – is there something irritating or frightening in their environment? Do they have plenty of toys for entertainment, food, water? Do they have cage-mates they don’t get along with that should be separated?

    Never use water to punish/or try to train a bird not to do something. Water should be something positive and fun – for bathtime only.

    Rather than “punish” your bird, train them by denying them something they like. Birds love attention. Give them a timeout in their cage – cover it with a sheet for a brief period of time (5-10 minutes). Do not react to the screaming. Do not come running – do not respond.

    Also, give them A LOT of positive reinforcement for behaviors you DO LIKE – praise them verbally, give them a treat – each time.

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