how do i find out the sex of a pair of Quaker parrots?

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Four days ago I adopted/inherited three quaker parrots. I think they are less than a year old. Their previous owner barely interacted with them therefore they are very nervous around people. I would like to know how to tell if they are male or female with out having to take them to the pet shop or getting a blood test. Also i want get some ideas/input on how to go about training them and integrating them to their new family. I have taken care of many animals, but am not familiar with birds in general, such as behavior, training, diet, growth and development rate. I have an idea of their general lifespan but thats about it.

Please Help! Any input will be greatly appreciated by both myself and my new family members.

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5 Responses to “how do i find out the sex of a pair of Quaker parrots?”

  1. jaja87

    omg haha…”hi pickle” they’re so smart. i’m gonna be getting a little handfed baby in the next couple of weeks. how old is phoenix?

  2. Bought a New Trailer

    Ask them , I heard they can talk. We don`t have any in our trailer park though.

  3. Yo Renny

    slow they are nice fun birds without help you can’t tell if male or female book store can also help in training

  4. clean freak

    You can DNA sex them yourself thru avian with a blood feather or sample of blood from a clipped claw. Or ask your vet to do it.

  5. Meg

    The only way to tell is through DNA testing…ask your vet. Quakers are great birds…there is alot of info online – i suggest you read as much as possible so that you can enjoy a great relationship with them.
    Make sure you go easy on seeds (they are prone to fatty liver disease) – their diet should consist of pelleted parrot feed and fresh fruits and veggies.

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