How do you train a parrot to stop squawking?

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My parrot never stops squarwking and it’s really loud. I want to train her to say more words too.
It’s quite exotic, an Eclectus (not sure of correct spelling). It generally squawks just to get attention – when someone walks away from it or at meal times

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13 Responses to “How do you train a parrot to stop squawking?”

  1. weatherby30378

    With a hammer

  2. Sparky5115

    Put in a mirror or take one out (whichever applies) and make sure you have natural branches and plenty of toys to keep her occupied. Also try leaving the radio on when nobody is home.

    You could also try saying NO whenever she/ he squarking. Might catch on.

  3. suzi_quzi27

    Get rid of it. Take it to a bird adoption place. Birds are suppose to fly, not be locked in a cage for your amusement.

  4. ali

    What kind of bird is it? If isn’t a hand tamed pet bird, a mirror will not help things. A bird can sometimes see a mirror as a mate and this can sometime ruin the bond you have with your bird. Also, telling it “no” or yelling at it only increases the problem. First, figure out why the bird is screaming. What time of day is it? Birds generally do contact calls at dawn and dusk, my senegal parrot screams on and off for approx. and hour around 8am and again at 5pm, it’s in their nature. Also, has anything changed recently in your home? Could the bird be unhappy about something? Also, are you giving the bird enough attention and interactive toys. Try to focus on why the bird is screaming, only then can you figure out what needs to change so that it will stop.

  5. kevins796

    LOL…..saying No
    Now you have a bird that squawks and says NO.
    What type of parrot is it? African grey, Amazon, Conure or something else. I have heard that a bird that CAN talk will talk if you train it. But if it is around birds that whistle or chirp it will be harder to train. I have an African grey that whistles talks and mimics noises. And I have a Nanday conure that is one loudmouth squawker that knows only two words. Best of luck.

  6. nascarfan2438

    you really cant. parrtos have times when they just scream or talk during the day, its normal.

  7. Tempster316

    point a gun or a frying pan at it and say polly want a bullet or to be the main dish for the night if it keep squarwking?

  8. shanz94

    Not much you can do take it’s mind of making a noise and play/handle it if you can.Trust me I have a wild parrot and I can’t handle him and jet he still makes the biggest noise on earth.

  9. Amber Dancer

    When she squawks get a spray bottle and spray her when she squawks.To teach her to talk just spend some time with her each day for about half an hour and during that time just say the words you want her to know over and over again.But just try about 2 words at a time.

  10. cracker

    Have you tried covering the cage when the noise starts? Make sure there are plenty of toys in the cage to keep the bird busy. Maybe the bird wants to come out and be part of the family. Perhaps it’s the location of the cage – birds like to by a window where they can see out. If nothing else, try to find a professional bird trainer to come into your home and give you some good tips.

  11. ScrapperBoo

    We usually just cover the cage with a blanket and it seems to stop the squawking quicker.

  12. thesunnshynne

    consistancy. I would find a trainer for this one. My bird doesnt squawk much. I spend a lot of time with my bird, that has alot 2 do with it. Birdslove attention.

  13. prettykitty

    If she is making noise for attention the first thing you need to do is pay a lot of attention to her when she is being quiet. If you do that often enough she won’t feel the need for attention seeking behavior. When she is making the noise you don’t want her to make you have to ignore her.Any reaction at all on your part will only re-enforce the negative behavior and make her more likely to repeat it. There are certain family activities that birds want to take part in, and meal time is one of them. You should try including her in the meal time routine. Get her a free-standing perch and let her eat with you. This is also a good way to get birds to try new foods.
    Make sure she has plenty of toys and things to keep her busy when she is alone, and be sure to rotate toys frequently cause they really do get bored with the same old toys after a while. When she is playing with her toys quietly tell her she’s a good bird, let her know that that’s the behavior you want.
    A steady routine will also help, if she knows that you will come back, and knows how long to expect to be alone she won’t mind it so much.

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