how long does it take to train a Quaker parrot to talk?

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15 Responses to “how long does it take to train a Quaker parrot to talk?”

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  6. Kayla O

    like a year

  7. jivesucka

    not long at all, they’re really smart!!

    just keep repeating the same phrase in a high-pitched voice

  8. bittersweet

    5 minutes.

  9. Lindsay G

    Depends how smart it is, some parrots learn quicker then others.

  10. jingles_200

    I ‘m not sure exactly. You jusst keep saying things you want it to say , it will pick up some things. My Dad had one. He could say .. buddy wana go to bed, I’m a pretty bird He would say my Moms name and my childrens name . Several little things.

  11. Jusme

    It depends on if the bird wants to talk words or do sounds. Some birds like to mimic only sounds. Others like to do talk in words. Try saying the words in a excited high voice. Most Quakers are pretty quick at picking up things. But ask yourself this…do you want to hear those words for the next 30 years?

  12. Donna B

    Quakers are very intelligent and full of energy. We bought ours as a hand fed baby and it is used to being held and loves being the center of attention. Our bird is not quite a year old and is still learning words and phrases that include Here kitty kitty kittteeee, hello bird, hi baby, wolf whistles and also laughing. Repeating words over and over is the key. Sometimes its just the way you say it. Your bird may prefer a high voice or a lower voice. Say hello in different tones and pitches and your bird is sure to catch on. Ours says Hello Bird only in a lower voice! Anytime you are in the room be animated with your voice. Say hi as hiiiiii…..try a higher voice and a lower voice. Best of luck with your bird!

  13. milliemoo42

    As with all birds, each Quaker will learn differently. some may never learn at all but that’s OK. Like others have said repetition is key.

  14. scubabob

    Quakers are considered to be in the top 5 of parrots with talking ability. Generally, they can begin using human speech not long after being weaned. Most will have spoken a word, usually “step up”, by 6 months of age. From there on, be careful what you say around them, they’ll use it if they like the sound of it. The key is repetition and eye contact. They like words with “ees” and “iis” in them, it’s easy for them to pronounce and for some reason they like the sound. My guy was 3 months when he got “step up” down pat and uses it to ask me to to come up. He knows what it means. He’s 3 years old now and has about 50 words and a few phrases, my fav being “I can talk, can you fly?” They’re not limited to just words, my guy can whistle a mean Green Sleeves tune as well as do a good microwave oven ding. I don’t consider him overly smart or dumb, just an average Quaker.
    Good luck with your Fid.

  15. ssgtusmc3013

    not long , i got mine as babys, finished weening them , than at about 6 months they were talking. just work with them everyday,

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