Simple Quaker Parrot Training Tips

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Discover two quick Quaker parrot training tips. Learn the simple way to use a wooden dowel to cheerfully get a Quaker Parrot to step up for you.

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20 Responses to “Simple Quaker Parrot Training Tips”

  1. looterwolf

    realy u got ripped mate! i got 6 all $100

  2. krustymick

    I paid 400 aus dollers for my blue quaker

  3. LYLTjohnny

    i havent got my parrot yet but i am getting it in a weekish and the person i baught the cage gave me a free toy thing and its like a rope.. a real stiff rope thing with a knot and a fluffy tuff on the end you hang it on the part of the cage that opens at the top and it works as a perch in open and then when its down u have a perch close to tuff and they like to burry there heads in it while they sleep.. :)

  4. MrAnimalman625

    does anybody have any ideas for good toys for my quaker

  5. oceaneopz

    i did that…and alex keep biting me…=[ i think he dont like me…=[ help me plz privte message mee details..

  6. OmgItsKaren

    my quaker follows me around the house and attacks males only lol she also eats anything in sight!! how do i stp this?! she always wants to eat what im eating! no matter what it is! lol

  7. Godrulesandanimals2

    gaaah i need help!! i just got a quaker TODAY. and it nibbles and bites ur fingers, it runs away from ur hand when u put it in, and when u leave, it squaks. HELP!!

  8. NejixHinataFan

    Well… I could use some help, how to get my Quaker Parrots to stop chewing my t-shirts. I have like a bunch of shirts with holes because of their chewing, is there anything I can do to make them stop chewing on my shirt?

  9. avr223


  10. Doggius437

    thanks for the tips:) i’m from the philippines, but i just can’t seem to find a quaker parrot breeder:(

  11. MrLuckviewer

    how much is a quaker?, coz i only have a cockteil..

  12. motoxjunky155

    i am getti my quaker parrot in march and it willl be a month old …. i think but i will take that on board if he or she starts biting

  13. birdboy93

    Millet is a great treat for training.

  14. MrBoShingles

    i just bought a 6 month quaker parrot when ever i try to pet it, it goes into a scary ass attack mode and starts spazzing out.i try to give it a treat but starts to bite me or gets scared and moves away.
    I NEED HELP!!!

  15. santiagoriverag

    what kind of treats can i give my quaker, and what food, he only eats corn!!! that must lead to poor nutrition, please help!

  16. izabelas000

    my cockatiel flies to me when i bring my laptop =S
    this happens every time ….the little guy loves to play on it ….

  17. wruizm7

    Hey thanks for all those tips they’re very helpfull…i just have one question… i have a quaker and i did the power pause technique but she’s very veryy territorial can touch her when she’s far from her cage and some times when she’s on it but nobody can be near the cage cuz she will start bitting … what can i do to make her less territorial?

  18. ericsaid

    my bird flies to me whenever i walk into another room, and when i have food.

  19. Apocalypse487

    now how do you stop him from flying away? I clipped his wings, but it makes me feel bad because he looks disabled.

  20. ramii07

    You and Dave are putting lots of videos! Continue like this!

    I’ll appreciate if you put a video of Indian Ringnecks tips. ;)

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