How can I teach my Quaker Parrot to talk?

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Question by I ? PICO MY QUAKER PARROT!: How can I teach my Quaker Parrot to talk?
I just got a 6 month old Quaker for my birthday. I want to teach it to talk, but I don’t know how…..

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Answer by Got Horses?!
This is a really good web site check it out! :)

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3 Responses to “How can I teach my Quaker Parrot to talk?”

  1. ReneeNoelle

    Some Quakers talk and some don’t. I have two and one of them won’t say a word. The best way to encourage your bird to talk is to talk to it. Repeating phrases and words helps. Peekaboo is an easy one for a bird to pick up. Check out It’s a great forum full of very knowledgeable people who can help you get your Quaker off to a great start.

  2. Elle Z

    Make sure he’s had some excercize so that he/she is good an calm. Hold her/him up at eye level and repeat a phrase several times. Birds have short attention spans so you’ll only need to do so for 5 minutes or so before they become bored and listless.
    When he finally starts to talk cheer him on in a high pitched voice and give him a treat that you will ONLY use during training sessions.
    Don’t use prerecorded tapes. Don’t teach him bad language or silly catch phrases as your parrot may outlive you and the person adopting may not appreciate your brand of humor and might be cause for a hard adoption. Have fun.

  3. Decora

    It is also helpful to talk to it, or say the phrases you want it to repeat when it is excited. Most all birds learn to talk, or learn actions when it is excited. Just like you learn better in school when it is a subject you like :)

    So when you want to teach it some phrases, wait until you pop in the door, or the bird is excited, maybe even give it a bath to relax it’s muscles so it’s not so tense, and then just start saying things. Soon enough you will (hopefully) start to hear it chatter incoherent things – which means it is practicing it’s speech, during this time it is also wise to start responding to the bird, even when you don’t know what it is saying. This will encourage the bird to speak more :)

    Hope this helped.

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