Is a quaker parrot a big like a cockatail or amazon?

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is a quaker parrot big?

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7 Responses to “Is a quaker parrot a big like a cockatail or amazon?”

  1. Mackerel & Cheeseā„¢

    A Quaker is a little bit larger and heftier than a cockatiel. From the top of their head to the tip of their LONG tail, they’re about 11 inches. They look like budgies on steroids, except they don’t have all the patterns in their feathers. The most common is nearly all green, but you can also get them blue or lutino.

  2. Shortie

    A Quaker Parrot is a little bit bigger than a cockatiel, but not nearly as big as an amazon. They are a fairly small size bird, similar in size to a conure.

  3. conure_chick

    A quaker is about the length of a cockatiel, maybe a bit longer but the main difference is that a quaker is much stockier. An amazon is much bigger than a quaker, and on a scale I would sey a quaker is a small/medium parrot. I consider medium like larger conures, senegals, some pionus…ect. They are not that big but they need a fairly large cage.

  4. riverofmydreams

    quaker looks so much like the conure.. but the conure is so beautiful in coloring.. my sister is selling her conure, only because she has no time 4 it.. it’s a beauty.. red, green and blue and he talks some.. the more time you spend with the birds, the more they will talk… my daughter has the quakers and hers is all green.. she also has the amazon and the,, can’t think of the name now. big and all white.. the amazon is really the entertainer tho : )

  5. tanner

    no a quaker is not big

  6. JD

    No it’s not a big bird and they can talk better than some parrots.I have three Quakers and each is different and each strikes like a rattlesnake,very fast! I love them.As in any pet you must spend time with them to get the best out of them.I have five birds that talk and sing.I put on S.Twain’s song UP,UP,UP and the go nuts singing.They love that song.I would recomend a quaker to anyone who wants a good bird.

  7. rangerbaldwin

    Shucks, no! They fit in the palm of your hand. They are hardy sweethearts with good, strong beaks. They come in green and blue and they like to try people food.

    Good luck!

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