Kili Senegal Parrot – How to File or Trim Parrot Beak

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WARNING Many species of parrots should not have their beak filed and if done incorrectly or too deep could hurt the bird. I just show the technique of how I do it but you should consult a vet and research if your bird needs to have its beak trimmed before proceeding. This video shows you how to file your parrot’s beak. An overgrown beak can be dangerous to a parrot’s health. In the wild, they use the beak so much that it gets naturally worn down. At home, they don’t get to chew as much because food is generally just served in a little bowl ready to eat. On occasion, the beak may grow so much that you will have to clip it with a nail trimmer. All the other times, you can help the bird shorten it by: A) Providing chewable toys to destroy B) Provide filing perches and beak grinding stones the bird can dull its beak on C) Filing the bird’s beak This video is about filing the bird’s beak to blunt out the point a little bit. Hold the bird on its back and hold the beak shut. Be careful not to catch its tongue. File across the beak. Release the bird and reward it for putting up with you. Here’s a video how to file parrot nails: And a video about wiping down a messy beak: Enjoy.

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10 Responses to “Kili Senegal Parrot – How to File or Trim Parrot Beak”

  1. TheeEnd23


  2. kiliparrot

    That would be taming. Check out my harness taming day 1 video for some more about taming techniques. Or you bring the bird to someone that isn’t scared of it (vet/bird store employee) and have them do it and they’ll just grab the bird like that and not care. If you grab it the right way it can’t bite.

  3. catalinablaf

    Ahum… how do I get my bird to allow me to hold him like you hold Killi in this video. If I try now he bites! (logically, as he doesn’t know what I’m trying to do to him) He is a Meijer (senegal) named Zoey.

  4. kevincampos96


  5. miloteksi

    I have a budgie that knows target training but what is the next step to training ? Please reply ;[

  6. m0e76

    Thanks! Helped Me ALOT :)

  7. AvianFlyers

    Thanks for the warning Michael!

  8. Kiromirra

    Thanks, Because I’m trying to look for some toys that can help his beak become healthy and strong and in a good shape. Oonother reason why i need Ideas is because I dont feel like trimming his beak and filing his nails when i can get a grooming perch. Thanks for your help!

  9. kiliparrot

    Bit of everything. Soft toys, hard toys. Natural wooden perches with bark on them they love to chew. Shredders are good and toys with wood pieces. Also I get plastic toys that are more for play than destruction. Just get a mix of different kinds of toys from bird store and put about 3 at a time in cage and rotate on a frequent basis.

  10. Kiromirra

    Thanks, But what toys are recommended? wooden toys or should i go to my local pet store and ask for a good type of toy for my senegal parrot to destroy?

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