What is wrong with my quaker parrot?

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Question by : What is wrong with my quaker parrot?
for a while now my quaker parrot looks like it will vomit. his neck kind of wiggles and sometimes it looks like its feeding the other quaker parrot. Is this something i should be worried about? It is about 2 years old.

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Answer by Mustakrakish
Maybe he needs some good wholesome oatmeal. It’s the right thing to do.

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5 Responses to “What is wrong with my quaker parrot?”

  1. Janice

    I think it’s just their body language…
    it’s just normal ^_^
    I am not sure though, but I think you shouldn’t worry about that, you should just treat them normally and see if it have some changes

  2. Shaina

    He is trying to attract a mate and is sort of showing off to the other parrot. If the other parrot is a girl and he starts feeding her you know that they are a pair and they will probably try to mate.

  3. SpongeBob!?

    what Shaina said, the male bird is trying to show off and if the other bird is a female, then he is showing off to her! if he feeds her, then that means they are a pair. :)
    but if you DO want them to mate, they will only mate if you have a box that is covered fully(with a little hole for them to enter and exit with) and they will do the rest..
    good luck!
    BTW, i would let them mate if i were u because if you dont put them a box, then they will be kinda sad that they cant have babies..

  4. Rayla

    Your parrot is regurgitating for his mate. “Regurgitation is the forceful expulsion of the contents of the mouth, esophagus, or crop. A bird that is regurgitating will often bob its head and stretch out its neck, and the food does not look digested, e.g., whole seeds are regurgitated. Regurgitation is usually a normal behavior. Vomiting is the expulsion of the contents of the proventriculus, ventriculus, or intestine. Vomiting is more of a spitting action, and the bird shakes its head from side to side. Vomiting is a sign of illness and should be evaluated promptly.” Parrots will regurgitate when they have bonded with another parrot. This also happens during breeding.

  5. Parrot

    This is hormonal mating behavior. You see in the wild both parent birds regurgitate food from their crop to feed the babies. During mating behavior, the parrots (usually the male) will regurgitate food to feed their mate to demonstrate loyalty and ability to feed the babies. Also some birds feed each other when they are sitting on eggs. You should not laugh or give any kind of attention for this behavior or it will be encouraged. Just ignore and pretend like it isn’t even happening or just go away. You don’t want to encourage this behavior because it can lead to aggression towards you or others.

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