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The Rules of Bathing While various bathing methods abound, there are a few simple rules that apply to bathing all pet birds: Use only plain, clear water. Although some pet supply companies market commercial “bird shampoos”, the best and safest way to bathe your bird is with plain water. Birds produce a special oil that they preen their feathers with, and this oil can be stripped through the use of soaps or detergents. This can result in unhealthy feathers and unhappy birds. Only bathe your bird during the warmest part of the day. Wet birds easily get chilled, which can be a serious health hazard. Bathe your bird during a warm part of the day so that your bird’s feathers have a chance to dry completely before the temperature drops towards nightfall. Make sure the water is a comfortable temperature. Water that is too hot or cold can shock a bird’s system, not to mention causing burns and a host of other serious conditions. Always check the temperature of the water before offering your bird a bath. Many birds prefer their bath water to be lukewarm or room temperature. Never saturate your bird’s feathers. In the wild, birds never allow their feathers to become completely soaked through. This can lead to loss of body heat and flight impairment. Except in extreme circumstances, it should never be necessary to completely soak a pet bird. If you always follow these simple rules of bathing, you can ensure that bathtime for your pet will be a safe activity, no matter which bathing
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Quaker Parrot Bathing on Table with Water

Some water was sprinkled on my table and my Quaker Parrot started to take a bath! Enjoy!

Zero: Eating Bread & Bathing :)

I just got bored and decided to make a simple Zero video… (even though I should be working on my report for ELA…) I realize I haven’t made a video of her for awhile. Here ya go! On Friday my mom said we should try to get her to eat bread… Z saw my mom eating it and decided she would try. She took only the smallest bites in the world, but I guess we all need to start off small? Zero also saw me washing my hands (I was preparing the flock’s lunch, trying to get them to eat pasta) Z got interested and climbed down, watching the water. Usually she doesn’t like bathing, but this time she decided she liked water. :)

Quaker Parrot bathing in pool

After years of bathing in dogs water bowl,”Frack” decided to go for the big bowl. Trying to stay on the top step.

bathing Quaker

Boris, a monk parakeet taking a bath with Laura while I annoyingly ask questions….