Whats better a conure or a quaker parrot?

Question by KOTM: Whats better a conure or a quaker parrot?
I am thinking of buying a small parrot to start of with I think both of them are really cool but I want to know if I should get a conure, a quaker, or both?????????????????????

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Answer by JustHatched
Both are good choices, my personal preference is Quaker.

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Is a pelletted diet better for quaker parrots than a seed diet?

Question by birdlady: Is a pelletted diet better for quaker parrots than a seed diet?

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Answer by Mags
I suppose that a pelleted diet would more ensure that your parrot is getting the right kind and amount of vitamins and nutrients they need compared to a seed diet.

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quaker parrot or green cheek conure makes better pet bird?

hi, i want to know is a quaker parrot or a green cheek conure make a better bird. I want a bird that will be nice to me use my finger and shoulder as a perch and let me rub him. It will be my first bird although my cousins have a pet budgie i’ve seen it before but never held it (it wasn’t tame) i have found a green cheek conure breeder in louisana that will have a cinnamon green cheek conure for only 175 dollars, is that a good price? its hand-fed hand tamed. Or do i get the quaker?

—thanks in advanced— (ps do quakers need a bigger cage with thicker bars than the green cheek or will it do alright in a cage big enough for a green cheek conure?)

What makes a better pet Quaker parrot or Lovebird?

Okay so heres the thing i’m 14 going on 15 and i have had parakeets off and on for years and i decided i want to get a slightly bigger bird so i have narrowed it down to a lovebird and a quaker parrot give me tips on what makes a better pet also which one has the worse stronger bite. It will be in a cage beside my parakeet for company. PS (I have a chance to get a young lovebird for $25 bucks)